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We are the Eyebrow Experts!
We are experienced with all skin types and styles from natural to bold, and everything in between!
we can give you what you want but we'll give you our recommendations as well. 
at your initial appointment, we will measure your brow bones and will work on a shape together.
we do not proceed with the treatment until you are completely satisfied with your shape.
brows appear very large directly after treatment due to swelling. they will shrink!
brows will appear very dark directly after treatment and for the rest of the week until they are finished flaking off.  they will lighten up!

Want to reverse the signs of aging without looking crazy for days/weeks?
try our jet plasma treatments, today's latest and most advanced technology in non-invasive anti-aging. combine this service with your new eyebrows for that super wow factor when everyone sees you! you will not look red or crazy after your treatment, instead you will look lifted, glowing, and newly refreshed! We are the official training facility in the state of georgia for pro-plasma esthetics jet plasma education.  

Trust the process - are you ready to bring out your inner bombshell?
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