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Jet Plasma

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Susan Laurent is now the official (and only) Pro Plasma Esthetics Jet Plasma trainer for the state of Georgia. You must be a licensed beauty professional or medical practitioner to learn this new technology. 

1 day Hands on training

You can make this money back with just a few clients. Invest in your business!

4 student limit per class

What's included?

- 1 Jet Plasma device with 2 year warranty

- 5 disposable Jet tips (instead of 3)

- copy of training material

- online access to training material and videos

- Neogenesis Recovery serum & Neogenesis skin barrier serum (I'm the only trainer who includes this)

- membership to where you'll get 50% off medical grade products that are to be used in conjunction with your Jet treatments. (However, you can use any skincare line you'd like but this company is backed by Science and the preferred line to use by Jet plasma)

- Live model practice

- certification

- continous support

- a 2nd device for a discounted rate (limit is 2 devices per person) once you get booked and busy, you'll want a second device bc the device must rest for 2 minutes after each 5 minute round.

- OPTION TO FINANCE !!! You'll be able to finance your device!!! (device only) It takes less than 20 seconds to get approved and no hard hit on your credit.

                          What is JET PLASMA?

Jet Plasma is the most advanced technology used to brighten and tighten skin, shrink pores, and promote high levels of collagen regeneration. Jet plasma works by remodeling and repairing the cellular structure of the skin from the inside out.

Jet Plasma pen is a handheld plasma device that uses a cooler atmospheric temperature so does not create surface trauma like traditional fibroblast plasma. This extremely powerful device

penetrates 13,000 volts of plasma through the epidermis, into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin stimulating high levels of collagen and remodeling the cellular structure fromthe inside out. When Jet plasma is mixed with oxide oxygen, ozone is created which kills surface bacteria and has anti inflammatory properties to aid in calming keratosis, eczema, and rosacea.  Jet Plasma is used to tighten the skin, diminish wrinkles, diminish hyperpigmentation, treat acne, scarring, stretch marks and aids in product absorption that otherwise couldn’t penetrate as deep without needle injection.

Plasma is generated the form of gas like J plasma using a cooler temperature gas to shrink and tighten where fibroblast uses a higher temperature creating surface trauma in the form of a

controlled burn.. Our device is 13,000 volts, J Plasma plastic surgeons use is 17-18,000 volts.  Plasma is easily influenced by electromagnetic fields in a way that neutral gases are not. J-Plasma uses helium gas passed across an energized electrode. This creates a focused stream of low-current cold plasma which can be used to tighten skin. Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) is well

documented within the medical community for its power to destroy bacterial cells.


$1,700 - $4,999

Interested in starting a new and exciting career in permanent makeup?  Come and train with Bombshell Brows-  We can customize your training according to which techniques you'd like to learn and at the pace you'd like to learn.  Whether it's Microblading, Ombre brows, Strokes with shading, Manual or Machine - come learn the proper way with us! 

some amazing work

by my students during class

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